What does the state regulatory track & trace system do?

When a state legalizes recreational cannabis, they often implement a track-and-trace or seed-to-sale platform, requiring growers, manufacturers, processors, distributors and retailers to meticulously record every stage of a cannabis product’s life.

Their primary purpose is to ensure compliance with state laws, prevent diversion of cannabis to illegal markets, enhance product safety, and facilitate tax collection.

Most states manage compliance regulations through government-contracted software platforms, such as Metrc and Biotrack. In order to stay compliant, operators are expected to submit information into these systems as required.

Every phase of a cannabis product’s journey from seed to sale must be meticulously tracked. As an operator, you’ll be tasked with documenting each segment of the supply chain you’re involved in. This ensures compliance with strict regulatory standards at every step. Understanding and managing these distinct phases is crucial for seamless operation within the cannabis industry, see what phases are included below:

  • Seedling Stage: The journey begins with logging each plant’s unique identifier, often as a barcode or an ID.
  • Cultivation: As the plants grow, information about their growth cycle, including the use of pesticides or fertilizers, is recorded.
    Harvesting: Details of the yield, waste products, sprays, test results of bacteria and other volatile substances. potency and any other relevant data are documented.
  • Processing and Manufacturing: When plants are processed into various forms (e.g. edibles, oils), each transformation phase needs to be tracked.
    Testing: End products need to be tested prior to sale.
  • Distribution: The movement of products from location to location involves recording quantities, destinations, and transportation details.
  • Retail Sale: Finally, the sale of the product to consumers is recorded, closing the loop.

Cannabis businesses face the challenge of meticulously tracking each product stage and navigating complex state track-and-trace systems. In states using Biotrack, options for operators to integrate with this system are limited. Blakthumb emerges as the first platform to offer a comprehensive, efficient solution, streamlining the entire seed-to-sale process.

Our platform’s unique capability to manage thousands of product conversions with a single click simplifies complex tasks, making them quick and effortless

Blakthumb’s integration with state government seed-to-sale systems is accomplished through an advanced Application Programming Interface (API). This integration not only saves hours repeating the same menial tasks but reduces the likelihood of errors in reporting while ensuring you stay compliant with state regulations.

For vertically-integrated operators that produce their own supply, Blakthumb offers comprehensive tracking capabilities, covering every stage from seed to sale. This makes Blakthumb an invaluable tool for businesses looking to optimize their operations in the cannabis industry.

The biggest challenge for operators is often the hesitance to swiftly adapt and scale operations. While integrating a new platform into your business takes time and investment, the strategic advantage gained from enhanced operational cadence in production and sales is well worth the effort.

In every state that’s allowed recreational sales, these rules — and the consequences for breaking them — can be exceedingly strict. If your operation is not compliant, you may face fines, fees, and the potential to lose your business.

Don’t put your business in danger.

‍Our customers have reported surprise drop-ins from government inspectors. They make sure cannabis operators’ systems are up and running. They’ll also check customers’ product IDs to confirm they’re legitimate and in the system. If operators aren’t compliant, they can get written up, reprimanded with points, or even shut down. Keeping on top of compliance is the key to keeping operators running smoothly.

To safeguard your business, consider implementing compliant tools that integrate with state track & trace platforms. With automatic reporting, seed-to-sale tracking becomes much simpler. ‍

If your cannabis business is located in one of the 11 states where Biotrack serves as the official seed-to-sale tracking platform — Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Arkansas, Delaware, Washington D.C., or West Virginia — it’s crucial to understand and integrate Biotrack’s system for regulatory compliance and efficient operations.

If you’re seeking assistance with handling your Biotrack responsibilities, there’s no cause for concern. Blakthumb simplifies this process by integrating it all into one convenient platform.

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Disclaimer: This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. You are responsible for your own compliance with laws and regulations.


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