FAQs about Blakthumb

Is it possible to  integrate my operations with the Biotrack platform?

Yes, get in touch with the team > here

Can I track what product line is being made?

Yes, you can easily find all production in progress or scheduled from Production Control. If you are looking for information on older batches, go to the Audit trail and filter by archived runs, then select your run.

What happens Biotrack goes off-line?

There's no need to worry; we will cache the data until the regulatory trace and track system is back online.

Can I track post-harvest activities?

Blakthumb tracks your cannabis chain of custody from its original form to its final form. We've designed a framework that allows for flexibility; you can use Blakthumb to manage your sales and distribution only, or include manufacturing, distribution, and sales. We make it easy for you to create the framework you need.

Can I make last minute changes to our Production cycles?

Yes, all production runs and their batches are editable. If you need to add another batch to that run, it's easy to do. Get in touch today > here

Do operators on Trailblazer get access to the B2B Web page?

Yes, every Plan gets access to Blakthumb's B2B Webpage.

What happens if a large order comes in?

Whether you need to manage a large order that must be fulfilled at the last minute, Blakthumb can assist. It enables you to identify how changes in your production will have the most impact. With numerous products and teams involved, Blakthumb provides valuable insights.