FAQs about Blakthumb

Is it possible to  integrate my operations with the Biotrack platform?

With Udesly, you can convert your website into Wordpress, Shopify, Ghost, and Jamstack. It isn't possible to convert it for Squarespace and Wix.

Can I track what has been made?

Purchases happen through the Webflow Marketplace. If you want a refund, you should contact their team.

What happens Biotrack goes off-line?

You need to double click the whole element first, then double click again on the specific element that you want to change. You can find more info in this video.

Can I track post-harvest activities?

No, there isn't any documentation.

However, changing the colors and text is like any word processor you may be familiar with. Elements too can be copied and pasted as you normally do with text.

In case you may need further, Webflow offers extensive tutorials on Youtube and a supportive forum community.

Can I make last minute changes to our production plans?

Yes, we can customize this template for you from $500 or we can even design a fully custom website according to your needs. To learn more, contact us or visit our website.

Do operators on Trailblazer get access to the B2B Web page?

Yes, you can remove unwanted elements with ease, just select it with your cursor, then click "delete" as you would on any word processor.

You can rearrange the elements by simply dragging them on the screen. In that, Webflow is similar to Canva.

If you want to copy an element, just click Command + C (Mac) or Ctrl + C (Windows) as you would on any word processor.

What happens if a large order comes in?

The pages that you see featured on the Home are all the pages available for this template. You can check our other templates here.