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Our vision

Unlock the food production potential of our cities.

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Our food access is at risk. Something has to change.

Our climate is changing, and we are witnessing the impacts of greater and more intense weather effects including extended droughts, severe storms and extreme temperature shifts.

In addition, our global population is growing and we are rapidly urbanising. We are now at a stage where more people live in cities and that proportion is increasing year on year.

Everyone needs to eat, as as our climate changes and growing becomes less reliable, our food security is at risk.

At Blakthumb, we see the potential of our cities as massive food production resources. We are unlocking the food production capacity of our cities through enabling technology and sustainable system development.


What we do

Image courtesy of Fast Company

Image courtesy of Fast Company

enable high-tech optimised growing

Our team develops new technologies to optimise sustainable growing and develop the supporting systems and infrastructure.

We create the environment for anyone to grow anywhere. We are developing farming systems for scale, focusing on crop diversity and equitable food access.

We are currently working with academic and industry partners to develop these systems and technologies.

By optimising growing, and adapting practices to any place and any climate, we can secure our food supply.

Image courtesy of New Scientist

Image courtesy of New Scientist

Our Founders


Carey taylor

// head of project development and delivery

Carey is a New Zealand Māori woman. 

Carey has a long and successful career in senior leadership positions in the built environment, leading major design and implementation projects.

Carey is driven to break down barriers for a more just world, and to see Indigenous communities and cultures thrive.

Connect with Carey here.


Mel fyfe


Mel built a strong career as a senior executive in Government across strategy, urban renewal, planning and managing major transport and infrastructure portfolios.

Mel's love for the public service was eventually overridden by her love for social enterprise and being able to make a positive impact in a different way. 

Connect with Mel here.