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Customers & Sales/Invoicing

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Become a sales powerhouse

Master customer management, sales tracking, pricing, and invoicing. Gain insights into customer behavior and product trends, and forecast revenues for marketing and product strategies all on one platform.

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Sales features

Blakthumb provides various ways for customers and reps to place orders.

Inventory clarity helps reps propose options, setting realistic customer expectations

Effortlessly set customer-specific products and pricing, including wholesale and retail rates.

Enhances customer relationships, boosts sales, streamlines operations, improves analytics

Manufacturing with Blakthumb

Get production right, every time

Blakthumb streamlines manufacturing from extraction to packaging, with scheduled runs and live inventory management.

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Production features

Blakthumb guarantees precise dosages with cannabinoid-focused Parametric Recipes, quick cost analysis, and detailed production guides.

A sales and production integration allows for accurate forecasting and stock readiness for orders.

Blakthumb's Production Planning feature helps you keep on top of your end-product quality, quantities, supplies, job distribution and your regulations.

Providing your team with the transparency they need to manage production demands and delays.

Observe the results for yourself

Reporting features

Unify your Sales and Production teams with our advanced performance feature, designed to harmonize your critical information. This tool bridges the gap between sales insights and production metrics, ensuring seamless communication and integrated decision-making across your business.

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Optimize your workflow with our versatile insights dashboard, designed for both Sales and Production teams.

Manufacturers often struggle with production lag, but the root cause is usually inadequate internal processes for dealing with variation in demand.

Pinpoint your leading sales reps and production units, equipping them with vital data for success. .

Spot high-performing sales reps, potential campaign products, and key purchasers

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Saasable is amazing

Surpass your goals with our powerful toolset

Check out the innovative features we've developed in response to your needs.

We provide you with the visibility you need to plan ahead to optimize your workflow.

Our Parametric Recipes makes cannabinoid potency-to-dosage calculations simple.

Looking for a real-time inventory system that automatically keeps stock at optimal levels?
We've got a solution for that and more. Check it out!

Operations synced with Biotrack & Metrc to keep you compliant and save hours.

Scan any BOM and get an inventory breakdown. Always know what's in stock and where items are located.

SKU and BOM management for product lines means you'll keep track of your ingredients (both cannabis and non-cannabis), materials and machinery.

Streamline your sales and inventory with an export to QuickBooks making your financial management even easier.

Automatically Link COAs/Data Fact Sheets when creating labels without having to switch to another platform.

Utilize QC (Quality Control) in the Jobs feature for uniform product quality, saving time on the floor manually checking and helps keep GMP up-to-date

Integrating Sales with Inventory for transparency across operations means you'll always know what's in stock & avaialble.

Say goodbye to post-it notes and email clutter with our B2B sales web page.

Whether it's delivery or pick-up, schedule in-house or third-party services anytime, all synced with Biotrack.

Saasable is the best Webflow Template for Saas & Startups

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Blakthumb integrates your COAs and Drug Fact Sheets (DFS) with your compliance labels

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Thoughts & Innovations

Explore our blog for industry news, stories, and the latest from Blakthumb.

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What does the state regulatory track & trace system do?

There are instances where state-mandated track-and-trace requirements for cannabis operators don't align with their operational methods, nor are they adaptable to various setups.

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Data workflow Blakthumb

Avoid backorder blues

An Innovative approach to managing Inventory.

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Backorder blues blakthumb
5 ways manufacturers can boost productivity Blakthumb

New Mexico’s cannabis state track & trace system

Applying for and maintaining a legal cannabis operation in New Mexico involves several steps and adherence to specific requirements set by…

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Make-to-stock or Make-to-order?

If demand for products is consistent and predictable, MTS (Make-to-stock) is effective. This approach is ideal for standard, high-volume products with stable demand.

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