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Consolidate and optimize your cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution & retail operations with one platform.

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One platform is all you need

Kickstart your growth and increase your revenue with insights from data captured across your organization.

Blakthumb streamlines your operations and builds a cadence to help you maximise profit and drive efficiency, helping you to grow.

Streamline production across multiple sites and licenses with our advanced planning tools

With a full operational integration into BioTrack, your teams will save hours each day to stay compliant - even across multiple licenses.

Blakthumb provides multiple layers of user access so you only give access to the areas people need.

Give your organization the gift of operational cohesion. Blakthumb allows you to see your operations across multiple teams and sites from one platform.

Your customers can place orders directly in your B2B web page, or your sales team can easily input an order on their mobile or laptop.

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Blakthumb brings all your business areas together including sales, production, fulfilment, cultivation and operations.

Drive operational benefit for every team member, from your trimmers and packers to your Executive team - all in one easy to use platform.

Everything under one roof

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Bring together your entire operations into one platform: from cultivation to production, sales and distribution and your operational team - even if you've got multiple sites and licenses. Plan holistically, and develop deep insights to continuously improve your business outcomes.  


Operates across multiple license types, locations and teams together.


Streamline operations and provide visbility from seed-to-sale.


Gain insights across your entire business to enhance performance.

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Your inventory is LIVE!

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Inventory management is time consuming, labor intensive and often inaccurate. Say goodbye to manual inventory counts and guesstimates as Blakthumb brings together your inventory across every site in real time.


A perpetual inventory across biomass, materials, machinery and more.


Real time tracking of products made and materials used


Set and be notified of low PAR levels or expiring products.

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Stay compliant across the business

Learn more about our BioTrack Integration

Navigating the complexity of multiple licenses and sites while ensuring compliance is challenging. Blakthumb centralizes license and site management on a single platform, making compliance seamless for each license


Bring together cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail event management.


Easily switch between specific licenses in one click.


Rest assured your compliance is being tracked for each license.

Collect insights on every license

Validate your next steps

No need to spend time and money building a separate reporting platform just to see what is happening across your entire business. Blakthumb does it for you in an instant.


Report on your inventory, sales, production and more.


Make more informed strategic decisions.


Identify and reward your top performers.


Assurance that your reporting is in real time - no lag.


Empower your operations teams to plan effectively.

Pull from multiple areas for information & data

Transform your operations with Blakthumb

Frustrated with the status quo in cannabis operations? Blakthumb understands your struggles and offers specialized plans for even the toughest situations. Reach out to our friendly team for more information.

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Blakthumb's integration with Biotrack is an industry first!

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