Thumbs Up for Speed: Get Growing with a Simple Scan

Stocktake, auditing, compliance reporting… the stuff dreams are made of… 😴

Don’t worry, Blakthumb’s got your back! This week, we’re diving into our Scan and Track feature, the unsung hero of efficiency. This superstar feature might get overlooked, but it’s a real game-changer when it comes to cutting time in half, ease of use, accuracy, and reliability.

Our Scan and Track feature is designed specifically for those team members who work tirelessly to produce a consistent, high-quality product. Within the Team Member View, Blakthumb provides real-time tracking and inventory management capabilities, all accessible from your mobile device!

Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • Real-time Inventory Management: Operators can scan barcodes and labels with ease using their mobile devices, providing instant updates on inventory levels and locations. This minimizes manual data entry and reduces the risk of errors.
  • Efficiency: Automating those tedious tasks we all dread (stocktake?!) frees up time for operators to focus on core business activities, leading to improved operational efficiency and productivity. McKinsey & Company reports that automation in operations can boost productivity by up to 20%.
  • Error Reduction: Automated data capture and integration with compliance systems reduce the likelihood of errors in reporting, ensuring accurate and reliable data. Research from the Journal of Operations Management shows that automation can decrease data entry errors by up to 80%.

How it applies to your department:

When we whip up a new feature, we’re not just thinking about one department—we’re thinking of everyone. Our multi-tasking magic ensures that the Scan and Track feature is a jack-of-all-trades, impressing every team for a bunch of reasons.

Production Managers:

  • Comprehensive Tracking: Covers every stage from seed to sale, providing a holistic view of the entire cannabis supply chain. This is particularly beneficial for vertically-integrated operators.
  • Job Completion: Scan and fill in details during job completion with minimal effort. Each product comes with a barcode, making it straightforward to maintain detailed and accurate records.

Inventory and Fulfillment Managers:

  • Barcode Scanning via Mobile Device: Easily scan barcodes and labels using a compact device to track inventory and locations in real-time, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information straight from your pocket.
  • Auditing: Scan barcodes and QR codes anywhere on your site. With real-time data updates, you can perform audits quickly and efficiently, keeping operations running smoothly.
  • Inventory Stock Take: Say goodbye to manual entry errors. With our automated stock take feature, you can simply scan products to update inventory levels instantly, ensuring precise and reliable records.
  • Fulfilling Sales Orders: Add Lots to sales orders directly from the warehouse floor. As you pick items for orders, scan and add them in real-time, ensuring accurate and efficient order processing.
  • Live Inventory View: See your entire site’s inventory in real-time. IDs are recognized by specific sites, providing precise location tracking. If a lot is part of a Sales Order, this information will be displayed, making order management simple and straightforward.

Sales Teams:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Real-time data allows operators to make informed decisions quickly as it relates to par-levels for Sales purposes, improving overall operational management and strategic planning.

Blakthumb's Scan and Track feature represents a significant advancement in managing cannabis operations, offering clarity, control, and efficiency. By integrating these capabilities into your daily workflow, you can ensure smooth run and maintain precise control over your inventory and tasks.

For more information and to start using these features book a demo with us today or contact our support team at We're here to help you make the most out of Blakthumb!


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