Hawaii state track & trace system

Maintaining Legal Cannabis Operation

In Hawaii, the regulation of Biotrack operators and the related cannabis industry falls under the jurisdiction of the Hawaii Department of Health. Here are some key details regarding the regulatory framework, license types, and expectations for operators in the state:

Medical Cannabis Registration

  • Applicants must check their registration status weekly to ensure timely issuance of the 329 Card, which is mailed directly to the patient.
  • A caregiver can be designated to grow medical marijuana on behalf of the patient, especially in cases where the patient is too ill or lacks the legal capacity to do so.
  • Registration fees include $38.50 for initial and renewal applications, and $16.50 for a replacement or duplicate card.

Conditions Qualifying for Medical Cannabis

  • A range of medical conditions are eligible, including chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, and others.

Dispensary Licenses

  • The state has awarded 8 dispensary licenses, with the possibility of increasing this number.
  • Dispensaries are expected to sell legal cannabis and cannabis products to responsible adults within the compliance framework.
  • The licensing fees for dispensaries include a $5,000 application fee (non-refundable) and a $75,000 annual licensing fee.

Role of Biotrack

  • Biotrack is a software system used to track and trace the movement of cannabis products from seed to sale, ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations.
  • It integrates with other software systems in the cannabis industry, such as ERP systems and laboratory information management systems, to provide a seamless flow of data and improve efficiency and accuracy.

SOPs and Regulations

For operators in Hawaii who are involved in cultivating and manufacturing cannabis in a vertically integrated operation, there are specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) and regulations to follow, as overseen by the Hawaii Department of Health.

Key Aspects of Standard Operating Procedures for Vertically Integrated Cannabis Operations:

  1. Hiring and Employee Procedures: Guidelines for recruiting and managing staff in compliance with state regulations.
  2. Security Procedures: Ensuring the security of the cultivation and manufacturing facilities.
  3. Inventory Procedures: Effective management of cannabis inventory, from cultivation to sale.
  4. Labeling and Packaging Procedures: Requirements for labeling and packaging cannabis products.
  5. Quality Control: Non-laboratory quality control procedures to maintain product standards.
  6. Waste Management: Proper disposal and management of cannabis waste.
  7. Marketing and Customer Relationship Management: Guidelines for marketing products and managing customer relationships.
  8. Point of Sale Procedures: Handling sales transactions in compliance with regulatory requirements.

These SOPs are designed to ensure compliance with state rules and regulations for licensed cannabis businesses. They cover various operational aspects, including security, inventory tracking, health and safety standards, and transportation and delivery of marijuana products.

Growing Cannabis:

For those involved in the cultivation aspect, there are specific regulations:

  • An "adequate supply" is defined as no more than ten cannabis plants (immature or mature) and four ounces of usable cannabis at any given time.
  • Each cannabis plant being cultivated must have a legible identification tag showing the 329 registration number and expiration date.

The Department of Health oversees two key programs: The Medical Cannabis Registry Program and the Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program. The former pertains to patient registration and the latter to the operation of dispensaries.

These SOPs and guidelines are essential for ensuring compliance with Hawaii's cannabis laws and best practices. They serve as a supporting document for applications and as a resource for employees in the cannabis business.

Please note that while this summary provides an overview, it's crucial for operators to consult the detailed SOPs and regulatory guidelines directly from authoritative sources like the Hawaii Department of Health.

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