Level up your operations

Get the operating system you need to manage and automate your cultivation and post-production.

Perpetual Harvests

Keep on top of your perpetual harvests and see the status and location of your batches at any time.

Track what's getting done

Say goodbye to paper checklists. See what work is getting done, how long it takes and know SOPs are being followed.

Desktop and mobile

Available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Reduce turnover

Provide structure, prevent burnout, develop your team and recognise a job well done.

Harness growth

As you grow your team, you need to grow your people. Get the data and insights you need to do this. 

Assess team skills

Use our data-driven framework to assess your team's capability and proficiency.

AI-based production

Move beyond reporting and automation. Predict what's coming and optimise your operations.

Like running on autopilot

Take back your time and brain space to do what you love. We'll take care of the math and the grind.

Goodbye long onboarding

Why spend weeks onboarding when you can get started in minutes?

Want your operations to be simple and intuitive? Get started today.