February 14, 2023
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Parametric… what does that mean?!

We have something truly special for you, an article written about a feature that will change the manufacturing industry as we know it - Blakthumb's Parametric Recipes

Parametric… what does that mean?!

Carey Taylor, our Co-CEO, came up with the phrase for Blakthumb's new Recipes. Carey’s background in architecture and design helped us understand that automation isn’t about replacing a human’s job, its main purpose with Blakthumb is to make the operator’s job easier.

When Carey was working in the architectural industry she would approach design pragmatically. Creating multi level spaces or a floor of apartments requires a repetitive approach, and designing each floor usually has similar considerations taken onboard.

Although the initial approach takes a little more time to set-up, she would Identify early what is a repetitive task and she would apply a parametric approach.

So, what is a parametric approach? Think about this: imagine increasing the length of a room. Would all the elements remain the same? No. All of the things in that room would grow with it.

This is a parametric approach. It adjusts proportions relative to other factors that impact it. So when the length of a room changes, it has an impact on everything else in the room.

Carey says she learned early in her career that mistakes happen most often in repetitive tasks - and in the built environment, that's costly. With the right logic built-in you can save time and be assured that all of the things you need to manage are taken care of.

Applying this approach is exactly how we designed your Parametric Recipes! We realised that in manufacturing, you need to change recipes on the run and you have work orders flying at you from all directions. And making a change impacts the entire batch and workflow. This is where mistakes can happen.

With parametric recipes, we have your back 👊.

For example, let’s say you create a recipe of 1000x gummies and in that recipe are 20 ingredients, 30 cooking utensils and 6 packaging items that go into making it. Now, imagine you’re on the floor and your boss is saying to you, “Hey, Eden, can you add another 1,600 to your order?”

Sounds like an easy approach, right?

Well, it isn’t that straight forward. You have to work out the potency and dosage logic for an extra 1,600 gummies while taking into account the rest of the order.

This mathematical logic isn’t for everyone, and it takes time to work out. Then you need to check if you have enough of everything to fulfil the order and if you do, then you need to coordinate the making of the entire order. Is there room in the making space?

Only after all this can work out if you can meet that late request.

With Blakthumb, we take care of the majority of these considerations. If you get that late order request, all you have to do is enter the quantity into our Parametric Recipes and we will automatically:

➗ Blakthumb does the math on the cannabinoid material (even if you have multiple distillates and isolates involved)

🧮 Recalculate everything for you, from every ingredient down to the utensils and packaging you need

‼️ Make sure the space you need to use isn’t double booked

It’s so easy.

At Blakthumb, we believe in the power of innovation to transform businesses and industries, and these Parametric Recipes are a testament to that belief.

In our next article we are going to shine a light on our Head of Product, Leila Braimah-Mahamah.

Leila’s background in Medical Biotechnology played a vital part in the design and development of the product by applying a scientific approach. Her focus on creating a scientific methodology for the making of medicine in the cannabis industry was critical to delivering a solution.

And let’s be honest, there is also a ton of math involved… and no-one else loves math more than Leila! 👩🏽🔬

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