June 2, 2022
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Creating Plant Recipes

A step-by-step guide to Creating Plant Recipes

Best Practice Approach

Just like a recipe in a cookbook, a Plant Recipe provides the ingredients and methods for growing your plants.

We’ve developed Blakthumb’s plant recipe library to help enhance the tracking of strains and varieties throughout a plant's life cycle. The ‘Plant Recipe’ feature is a library of all the strains/ varieties you grow, with all of the preferred environment and plant settings for each strain/ variety. 

As you expand your operations, your environment may change, which means the plant recipe may need changing too. You may find you have several plant recipes set-up for the same strain/ variety because the environment or nutrient settings are different depending where you’re growing it. We recommend that you create a new recipe if you intend to grow your plants in different locations or within different environments. For example if you have a fully controlled environment, greenhouse and outdoor options for growing your plants you may set-up the same strain/ variety as the following: OG Kush Indoor, OG Kush Greenhouse, OG Kush Outdoor

Plant Recipes help you keep records of R&D activities so that you can adapt recipes until you have perfected your formula. Another advantage of setting up Plant Recipes allows you to create a Plant Cycle/ Run almost instantly!

Setting up a Plant Recipe

Step 1: ‘Plant recipes’ are located in the overview menu on the left hand side of your screen

Step 2: After selection you will be redirected to the ‘Plant Recipes’ library. To add a new plant recipe select the ‘+ Create'.

Step 3: A box will appear and you will be prompted to fill in the data for your Plant Recipe.

Blakthumb comes with over 5,600 strains/ varieties built into the system to help you build your Plant Recipes faster.

In the data fields, enter:

  1. Name - your reference name for the recipe. It can be the same as the strain/ variety. In some cases where you are trialling a plant strain/ variety you may want to include words that speak to that eg. adding ‘OG Kush trial’ in the plant recipe ‘Name’
  2. Variety/ Strain - This field refers to the name of the strain/ variety you’re growing e.g. OG Kush, Kale or Bok Choy
  3. Propagation type - Select which propagation type you will use for this Plant Recipe
  4. Days in Phase - add in the number of days the plant will spend in each phase. If a Phase doesn't apply, enter zero days. These times may change as you perfect the growing requirements for each of product you grow.

On completion, click on 'Create' and the plant recipe will show up in the Plant Recipe library.

While setting up your Plant Recipes might seem like a task to start with, you will get the time saving benefit almost immediately. Creating a Plant Cycle from a recipe can be done in a couple of clicks, but if you start from scratch each time, you’re having to re-enter the same data again and again. The other benefit of creating from a recipe means you will get more accurate insights on your cultivation and the performance of varieties or strains.

Note: Click on the link for how to set up a Plant Cycle and add Batches.

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