March 3, 2022
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5 Qs Series interview with Mateo Lajara

In this episode, we hear from Mateo Lajara from Sanoid Isolates in Spain

We’re doing this 5Qs series to showcase industry talent and shine a light on people who have made a contribution.

¡Hola! This week, we travel across the world to España to hear from Mateo Lajara Guillo, Master Grower at Sanoid Isolates in Seville.

Mateo talks about his deep love for the cannabis plant and its many benefits, and you'll hear the common industry themes that we've heard through this series continue to run deep!

Mateo’s life has been “prolific with all things plants and nature in general” and he has built from this lifelong love of nature a career in hemp cultivation and agricultural education across Europe and North America.

Tune in and get Mateo’s take on where he thinks the industry could develop more and his three wishes.

What questions would you like to ask people in the industry? Is there someone that you would like us to talk to? Let us know in the comments.

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