We’re on a mission to reshape production systems

Our mission is to enable organizations to scale their production effectively, and manage their risk through operational data and insights.

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Our why

Blakthumb creates software for Cannabis Manufacturers, Vertical Integrators and Cultivators to help reduce errors and bridge data across business verticals to make informed decisions.

Our platform provides the structure and flexibility operators need to plan, manage and analyze production to then optimise for efficiency.

Blakthumb team, Carey, Mel, leila and Eden
Carey and Mel, Blakthumb Co-CEOs

The story behind us

Carey and Mel started out with an intent to cultivate, and started building and operating farms themselves - both aquaponics and hydroponics. As they grew, they looked for a software system to manage their operations, and couldn’t find anything on the market that fit their needs; and soon realized they weren’t alone. It was hard to build a scalable model when you are using static tools. Which triggered their move towards product.

As they progressed their validation of an operational platform for the industry, they built strong relationships with others. They quickly found out there were lots of operators out there experiencing the same problems. Having conducted months of research with cultivation, post-production, and manufacturing teams around the world, they knew what they had to do. They quit cultivating full-time and started building a team of experts to build industry-leading software.

The values that drive
everything we do

Values guide our decision-making and forge us as a team.


We believe that being transparent leads to better outcomes. We enable our customers to be more transparent.

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We abide by the principle of universal access. We design for everyone so that everyone is included.

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Honesty and Candour

We believe in being honest and candid. We  can work through the tough stuff together.

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We believe curiosity drives innovation. We want to know the 'why'.

Come and visit us!

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Sydney, Australia

Redfern, Sydney (SYD), 2008

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Our awesome team

Our team are the heart of Blakthumb and without them we

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